Deathstalker (Deathstalker #1)

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Title: Deathstalker

Series: Deathstalker

Author: Simon Green

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 531




Took this from the book page itself:

Owen Deathstalker, last of his line, is a quiet man, a historian, remote from the stench of corruption and intrigue surrounding the Iron Throne at the head of the galaxy-spanning, tyrannical Empire. And then, inexplicably, Deathstalker is outlawed, forced to flee from one end of the Empire to the other. And as he does so, he discovers that resistance is growing, everywhere, to the Iron Bitch on the Iron Throne.

That is actually a really good summary.


My Thoughts:

Space Opera! Pure, unalloyed, unadulterated, unashamed, Space Opera!

Corrupt Human Empire. Telepaths, other ESP’ers, clones, all without rights. Feuding lords. Rebels and Rebellion. Laser guns AND swords.

And just to make sure this was completely over the top, a spaceship that was also a stone castle. A Castle, In Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

This was just fun to read. I did have to laugh, as the cover said something like “huge novel” or something [this was originally published in ’95] and it was just over 500 pages.

Story-wise, this moved along very nicely from viewpoint to viewpoint and kept things fresh. Solid writing and good ideas made for a very good start to this series. And the revelations along the way promise to make the future books interesting as well.

I’m very satisfied with my read of this.


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