War of the Sons (Supernatural #6)

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Title: War of the Sons

Series: Supernatural #6

Author: David Reed & Rebecca Dessertine

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Media tie-in

Pages: 238





Sam and Dean are played by Abaddon, sent into the past and used to try to wipe out some End Game Strategy God had setup to defeat Satan in the final battle.


My Thoughts:

Poorly done and poorly thought out, even for a Supernatural event.  Anyone who reads ANY Biblical text knows Abaddon is a badguy, period. Stupid Winchesters.

A list of bloodlines outlining who the vessels of the angels will be in the last battle is the Big Secret? That is not a strategy, that is a weakness to hide. It is NOT a prophecy that deserves to be in a “War Scroll”. Unless you’re a writer with no ideas to work with.

Then the girl from the past ends up dying alone and old in a rest home? She was a hunter through and through. She wouldn’t have lived to BE old. It was mawkish,  sentimental and shallow.

Not sure how many more of these books there are, but I’m done with them. It just isn’t worth the time to read them.

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