The Last Aerie (Vampire World #2) (Necroscope #7)

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Title: The Last Aerie

Series: Vampire World, Necroscope

Author: Brian Lumley

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Pages: 768




Nathan and Nestor continue down their respective paths. Nestor to becoming a true Wamphyri and Nathan to become his father’s true heir, the next Necroscope.

Each coming into their powers for a final confrontation, which will of course, take place in the next book. Surprise!


My Thoughts:

This was a big book. It was convoluted, with multiple POV’s [mainly Nestor and Nathan, but also some from eBranch and the Russians] and multiple timelines. It worked, it worked very well, but it flowed together and it makes it hard to pick out particular things that stood out or were underwhelming.

Having just started in earnest the Complete Works of Lovecraft, I have to say, I wish I had read Lovecraft sooner because so many things I remember from earlier books and I’m sure in this one as well, have their roots in Lovecraft. Ferenzcy, the “essentials salts” to reconstitute a being, etc, etc. It would have made for a richer reading if I had already had Lovecraft under my belt. Thankfully, I am rectifying that now.

I am looking forward to the conclusion of this sub-trilogy but am not sure if I’ll keep reading the overall Necroscope series after that. I might try one of Lumley’s other series.


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