Jaburo (Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin #4) (Manga Monday)

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Title: Jaburo

Series:ย Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin #4

Author & Artist: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 505



White Base FINALLY makes it Jaburo. Several people die and another Zeon General acts like a complete idiot and ruins things for Char.

Amuro is confirmed as a newtype and the scientists at Jaburo run batteries of tests on him and act like what you’d expect from a bunch of manga eggheads.


My Thoughts:

I still feel very frustrated with the geo-political aspects of this story. Why does Zeon have a presence on Earth if they are space based “kingdom”? Why does the White Base jump from Zeon controlled space to Zeon controlled space instead of using Fed space? Why doesn’t White Base simply go into Space, allow the Earth to rotate and then simply put down in Jaburo?

And I could go on.

And yet the art continues to push this forward. I can’t really explain it, as I’m not an artsy kind of guy. But I’m going to be reading the rest of this series no matter the story ๐Ÿ™‚

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