The Crimson Gold (The Rogues #3) (Forgotten Realms)

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Title: The Crimson Gold

Series: The Rogues, Forgotten Realms

Author: Voronica Whitney-Robinson

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 237



Thazienne Uskevren, from the Sembia & Eravis Cale series, is the middle of Thay, recovering some Crimson Gold so she can pay tribute to her recently deceased father.

Unfortunately for Tazi, she is caught in the middle of a Red Wizard’s spat and even worse, in the potential destruction of Thay, as a demon is about to break loose from its entrapment hundreds of years earlier.


My Thoughts:

The main saving grace of this book was Tazi and her association from previous books. The idea of a Red Wizards spat involving a chained super-demon is pretty good. Unfortunately, little side story about treasure hunting and the duegar hunting for more of his kind, was pretty weak.

I enjoyed this up until the main battle between the Red Wizards, the demon and Tazi. Up to that point Tazi was a good thief, a good Rogue, but when she was cast as a general for the Red Wizards’ forces, it just didn’t fit. And the whole strategy of throwing one monster army at the other to literally create a barricade of bodies, well, it smacked of ignorance, just like me trying to write a contemporary romance wouldn’t go so well.

Thankfully, this Rogues series has been ok and as there is only 1 book left, I’ll be finishing this series, unlike the Citadels series, which was just poor crap.

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