The Pimpernel Plot (Time Wars #3)

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Title: The Pimpernel Plot

Series: Time Wars

Author: Simon Hawke

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 236



The group [I say group, but they are more of a loosely associated bunch of people who happen to have had adventures together before] goes back to deal with an Adjustment, only to find those rat bags from Intelligence are STILL playing games and absolutely nothing is as it seems.

The novel this takes place in is the Scarlett Pimpernel.


My Thoughts:

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Even while being rather confused. However, said confusion was on my part and not because the book didn’t make sense; Hawke does a great job of writing the double game here.

The 2 main intelligence guys from before are back and causing headaches for our guys, who just want to do their job and then go home. Most of this story is dealing with rogue agents, double agents, etc instead of weaving through the main story of the Scarlett Pimpernel. If I hadn’t read the original novel, I’m not sure I could have figured out what it was actually supposed to be about.

This book was about the repercussions of the Time Wars and the nature of a Time Split. It was kind of horrific to be honest, in its implications. Billions upon billions of people coming into existence and then just as easily ceasing to exist. And realizing that the narrative of the those we follow could just as easily be replaced by another group of them.

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