Heart of the Dragon (Supernatural #5)

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Title: Heart of the Dragon

Series: Supernatural

Author: Keith DeCandido

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Media tie-in

Pages: 243



The war between the Angels and Demons for control of the coming Apocalypse continues.

One demon has thought long term and is trying to bring into a play a fallen spirit of great power, a corrupted Samurai.

Said Samurai has been banished, but reappears every 20 years. Sam and Dean’s grandparents successfully banished it, as well as their father and now it is their turn. But this time, that banishment must be permanent or the Samurai will tip the odds in favor of the demons and it will be Hell On Earth.


My Thoughts:

Best Supernatural book yet. It was split  30/30/30 between grandparents, father and then the brothers. For me, that worked real well, as the epic emo’ness of this arc in the tv show was largely cut out and we could focus on Hunters being bad ass hunters.

There was a lot of action, with everything from vampires to humans to demons and angels. Everything I liked about the first 2 seasons was in force in this book. It was simple research, hunt and kill. No whining about this, that and the other. No crying over their forsaken feelings. Just good clean hunting.

My only concern is now the remainder of the books will be compared to this one.

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