Provenance (Rogue Angel #11)

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Title: Provenance

Series: Rogue Angel #11

Author: Alex Archer

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 348



Annja finds herself embroiled in some world wide broo-haha over a mysterious and allegedly super powerful artifact.

A super secret sect of Christians [oh my, are there ANY OTHER KINDS OF CHRISTIANS IN LITERATURE THESE DAYS?],  a group of kindly and devout Muslims and then some Indonesian Pirates all want this artifact.

And NOBODY knows exactly what it is, or what it does or anything concrete at all in fact.


My Thoughts:

This book was patently ridiculous. Plain and simple. The only thing redeeming this was the onslaught of unrelenting action, from a cruise ship to ninjas in an apartment to an island gun fight to a naval battle. It was guts, guns and glory.

At the end, Annja, the remaining Knights and Muslims [who are now all bff’s as they realize that they all want the same thing *insert super de-duper eyeroll*] look into the coffin and see something SO AMAZING that the author can’t tell us what it is. It is just all that.

This book pretty much set off so many bullshit alarms that I was drinking pepto-bismal by the gallon when I was done. If all the books had this amount of action however, it would really improve the series. Just lose the philosophy and let the urban fantasy explain itself.

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