Obsidian Ridge (The Citadels #2) (Forgotten Realms)

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Title: Obsidian Ridge

Series: The Citadels #2, Forgotten Realms

Author: Jess LeBow

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 339



A King is trying to keep his realm together while merchants are pushing a new drug. The king’s enforcer, The Claw, happens to be in love with the Princess.

Drugs, Enforcer, King and Merchants, all mixed together.

Throw in a rogue Magician who wants the Princess as his next bride, a magician powerful enough to use a flying castle, and you have a Forgotten Realms adventure.


My Thoughts:

I actually enjoyed this novel more than the first Citadels novel, but I had to rate it less because it was just so “pedestrian”.  I’m tired of giving “ordinary” a higher rating just because there is so much utter and abysmal trash out there. I am tired of the fact that there IS so much trash out there.

The magician was a complete idiot and for someone who has supposedly lived as long as he has, well, he certainly didn’t spend the time improving his mind. He was a 2 bit villain with a 5bit castle.

Sadly, this is the quality that people think of AND expect when they hear the words “Forgotten Realms”.  The Citadels are just in the title unfortunately. It would be nice if they actually played a bigger part of the story.

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