The Black Bouquet (The Rogues #2) (Forgotten Realms)

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Title: The Black Bouquet

Series: The Rogues #2, Forgotten Realms

Author: Richard Byers

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 288



A rogue thief makes a steal of a lifetime, only it costs him his entire team. A ranger comes after him to retrieve the item, as well as a Criminal Boss who is being manipulated by a magician from the shadows.


My Thoughts:

Mr Thief steals a book that turns out to be a perfume book that has immense value. So that is the premise for this book. Pretty ridiculous.

But the overall story is quite enjoyable with lots of fighting, etc. Chases through the city, under the city, over the city. Good stuff.

The Ranger lady was a pretty wishy-washy character. The book could have done just as well without her if the thief had had half a brain. And if “romance” wasn’t shoe-horned into the story.

A typical, enjoyable Forgotten Realms book.

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