The Timekeeper Conspiracy (Time Wars #2)

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Title: The Timekeeper Conspiracy

Series: Time Wars #2

Author: Simon Hawke

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 225



The main character from the previous book gets bored with being a civilian and joins back up with the military. He’s put on a special mission along with the surviving member of the previous mission. They have to stop a terrorist group from creating a time-split, since nobody knows WHAT will actually happen if such an event were to occur.

Only this time they are under the command of the Intelligence Branch [ie, the Timekeepers] and those guys have their own little game going on.

The novel/history for this book is the Three Musketeers.


My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this more than the previous book. Most likely it was because I am accustomed to the author using a novel as a Historical Fact. That didn’t sit well in the first book, but now that I know that is the Way Things Are, I can adjust.

Plus, I liked The Three Musketeers a lot more than Ivanhoe.

I thought that the whole cat-n-mouse game between the Intelligence Agent and the main Terrorist was really good. The twists and turns weren’t that obvious to me and so I was kept in pleasant suspense right to the end.

Part of the fun for me with these books is that I have read the original novels, so seeing Hawke weaving his own story inbetween the original is great fun. I know how the original ends but figuring out how Hawke’s part of the story will get there as well is engaging.

Don’t get me wrong, these books are NOT literary classics and will never be such. But they are a fun afternoon’s read and after this book, I’m a little more excited about the rest of the series than I was after book 1. And the covers are pretty cool too…

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