Pippi in the South Seas (Pippi Longstocking #3)

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Title: Pippi In the South Seas

Series: Pippi Longstocking #3

Author: Astrid Lindgren

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Children

Pages: 80



Pippi takes her friends to the Island where her father is king and they all have a grand time. They come home, celebrate a late Christmas and vow to never grow up. Thus ends the series.


My Thoughts:

I accidentally read book 3 before book 2 due to a snafu on my kindle. But it is really no biggie.

I enjoyed this more than the first book and found in it the humor I had remembered and was expecting from book 1. These are fun books that appeal to a child’s imagination and allows them to see a world where THEY are in control.

I’m not one to beat the Sexist drum, quite the contrary in fact. But if I had to choose between a Pippi and some of the modern young women paraded as paradigms of the Modern Woman, I’d choose, recommend and champion Pippi every time.

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