The Unholy Cause (Supernatural #4)

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Title: The Unholy Cause

Series: Supernatural #4

Author: Joe Schreiber

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Media Tie-in

Pages: 231



Sam and Dean head down South and get involved with a demon that is trying to use Judas Iscariot’s Noose for some nefarious plan that will further the Big Plan of Lucifer making Sam his vessel.

Castiel is searching out Judas himself to find out the Truth about God [because talking to the guy who betrayed the Son  of God is SUCH a good idea].


My Thoughts:

When it comes to Supernatural, I really have to turn off my Theology’ometer because it is so mixed up and silly. It isn’t serious enough for me to take the time to pick out all the stupid bits.

But there are times when something makes it buzz so loudly that I just have to.

Overall, the book was just a typical Supernatural episode. Sam and Dean ride into town, fight demons and then take off. Castiel is all powerful and still whining about searching for God. And there is a LOT of action. Would have been a good episode.

So, this bugged me in the show, as well as this book. Cas’s ‘search’ for God. They are angels, His messengers and are, according to the Bible, right in God’s Presence. Kripke, the creator of the show, sidesteps all this by making God an absent god. It just pisses me off. And Cas keeps asking the badguys about God for goodness sake.

It was just one of those things that I really can’t overlook, unlike much in the show 🙂

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