Sweet Myth-tery of Life (Myth Adventures #10)

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Title: Sweet Myth-tery of Life

Series: Myth Adventures #10

Author: Robert Asprin

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 136



Skeeve must decide whether to marry the Queen of Possilton or take over the Kingdom. Goes on several dates to find out about women, brings the kingdom’s finances up to snuff [with Bunny’s help] and is generally very Skeeve-like.


My Thoughts:

Not as amusing as I’d hoped. Skeeve is really an idiot and sometimes that translates into “Hilarious” but other times it translates into “Skeeve is an idiot”.

This was one of those Idiot times.

Skeeve is a great apprentice archetype, but he doesn’t do well as the Leader. It is obvious that Bunny has a thing for him and somewhere in that tiny brain of his it seems that Skeeve has a thing for Bunny.  But to drag the series out, nothing gets resolved, of course.

Skeeve keeps getting limited by the choices presented to him.  He forgets, doesn’t realize, etc just how powerful he is and that he can make his own mold instead of conforming to the mold others have cast for him. He needs a stiffer backbone and some self-confidence.

Asprin does write a funny story and parts of this were pretty good [the date with a vampire for one] and the whole thing with Gleep is good as long as you don’t mind getting smacked across the chops with a foreshadowing glove [and for the most part, I don’t. Smack away, sir, smack away].

I will be reading the next book very soon, as this one ends with Gleep apparently dead or dying with an arrow in him. Spoilered! [kind of like ‘Arrowed!!!’, for you Homestar Runner fans]

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