Sword of the Archon/Cadman’s Gambit (Shader #1) DNF


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Title: Sword of the Archon/Cadman’s Gambit
Series: Shader
Author: D.P. Prior
Rating: 1/2 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: Did Not Finish




Completely unable to tell what the heck was going on.


My Thoughts:

First thing. Turns out this is an Indie writer and in typical Indie *&^%$# fashion, Prior screws his readers over by releasing a “second edition” of this book, but with a completely different title and no indication inside that these are the same books.

That was enough to make me want to rage quit before even starting.

Then, the plot and characters. For perspective, I was confused but able to follow Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon but this? Forget it. I was lost and wasn’t able to figure out where, when or what was going on by the 25% mark.

And final nail in this novels coffin was the graphic rape scene. It wasn’t explicit but it was brutal, horrible and completely outside the bounds of anything I ever want to read. It revolted me, it sickened me and it completely put Prior on my Authors to Avoid list.

This was a big fat Did Not Finish.

10 thoughts on “Sword of the Archon/Cadman’s Gambit (Shader #1) DNF

  1. This was on the product page when you downloaded the book:

    “Originally published as Cadman’s Gambit, the third edition, now known as Sword of the Archon, features a new opening chapter, some restructuring of early scenes, and is now rendered in US English.”

    It’s regrettable the title change sent you apoplectic.

    Glad to be on your list. I’d sooner not encounter this level of vitriol in the future; sours my wine.

    Be happy.


  2. The fact that you replied at all confirms to me, and to anyone else who will ever read this post [probably about 2 people btw], that you are indeed one of the new breed of Indies.

    And that makes my choice to never read anything of yours ever again that much easier.

    I am really sorry you replied however.


    1. What I don’t understand is WHY the bots keep posting on this review. The most recent comments have all been in the vein of “Rich Person X declares bankruptcy. Be outraged!” Every day…

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