Secret of the Slaves (Rogue Angel #8)

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Title: Secret of the Slaves

Series: Rogue Angel #8

Author: Alex Archer

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 253



Annja Creed is approached by a Bono/U2 based Billionaire Activist who is after some super tech created by a hidden society in South America.

At first this hidden society seems bad, as they kill everyone around Annja but then we see the light about how good they are because they “shared” in the past.

And Mr Activist is shown for the horrible, horrible person he really is and in the end everyone gets what they really deserve.


My Thoughts:

I still don’t understand how a group of escaped slaves somehow turns into a super advanced society that can hide itself from satellites, etc? Sharing culture with those they escaped to doesn’t suddenly make them into supermen.

I go into these stories with my believe-o-meter turned all the way to zero, or so I think and yet I still get shocked each time. I guess when the author writes so heavy handedly it can’t be helped.

Other than that, this was typical Rogue Angel with guns and punching and swords and exotic locales. And plenty of new side characters to kill off. I have to admit, I love that part, I really do.

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