God of Thunder (Rogue Angel #7)

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Title: God of Thunder

Series: Rogue Angel #7

Author: Alex Archer

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 352



Thor supposedly came to earth and left a great treasure as well as his hammer Mjolnir.

One of Annja’s former acquaintances wants to make his mark by finding the hammer.

At the same time, a family of nobility that is skirting bankruptcy is seeking the treasure.

Leroux and Garin get involved, one on each side.


My Thoughts:

Forget any thoughts of Mjolnir. This story doesn’t actually have anything to do with that, even though it should.

Lots of parenting issues between Annja, Leroux and Garin.

Some shooting and chases, an obligatory badguy who is “really” bad because he does torture and stuff [oh lordy, like that makes someone worse than the guy who embezzles and ruins 1000’s of families lives? phhhh] and of course everything is solved in the last 5% of the book.

Too much about the treasure and not enough about the Hammer. That would have been cool but I guess the ghost author doesn’t have an imagination? Wouldn’t surprise me. I never liked Mel Odom, even if he wasn’t the particular ghost writer for this book.

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