Ghostbusters: The Return

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Title: Ghostbusters: The Return

Series: —–

Author: Sholly Fisch

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 304



5 Years after GBII, the boys are kind of making things work. Emphasis on “kind of”. Until a group decides that Peter V should be the next mayor of New York. At the same time an old has-been of a spirit, the spirit of Fear that wiped out Roanoke back in the day, decides that his time has come and he needs to instill fear in people so he can emerge and walk the earth again, with the requisite blood and sacrifices, etc, etc.


My Thoughts:

I actually only read this because of the authors name. I mean, is that name for real? I kept wanting to call him Folly Sh*t for some reason.

This book was mediocre at best. It felt like a real rehash of GBII as far as the villain went. The whole Peter for Mayor distracted from the story without adding anything except to give Morris[the black dude] a semi-happy ending. Peter and Girlfriend went over the exact same issues as they did in GBII and if it weren’t for a couple of throw-away references I’d say this author wrote this book BEFORE GBII came out.

I was left with absolutely NO desire to seek out or read any other Ghostbuster books, whether by this author or not. Which is to bad, because the original Ghostbusters movie is one of the best ever, cheese effects and all.

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