Viper’s Kiss (House of Serpents #2) (Forgotten Realms)

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Title: Viper’s Kiss

Series: House of Serpents #2, Forgotten Realms

Author: Lisa Smedman

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 324



Arvin skips town to avoid the guild and to get rich quick off a Baron who has a kidnapped daughter. Of course, everything leads back to Sybil the goddess wannabe and the mindmage who once tried to control Arvin.

Arvin meets a stunningly beautiful half-Yuanti and teams up with her to take down the kidnappers, rescue the girl and to foil Sybil.


My Thoughts:

Pretty average fare. Lots of action and intrigue and some kinkiness thrown in as Smedman skirts the whole human/yuanti mating thing.

Arvin is still a stupid ass but since I wasn’t expecting him to have changed from the previous book, Venom’s Taste, it was easy to go with the flow. However, him sending his own lover and mother of his future children into hell, by accident no less, was not something I saw coming. I actually just laughed it was so ridiculous.

This book confirms that I enjoy most of Smedman’s Forgotten Realms writings and that when I see her name on a book I will most likely enjoy it. I like having that kind of knowledge.

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