Present Tense (The Great Game #2)

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Title: Present Tense

Series: The Great Game #2

Author: Dave Duncan

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 418




Edward comes back to our world, after 3 years in Next Door. Only now, because of his acceptance of the Filoby Testament, he is in greater danger here than he ever was over in Next Door. So his friends convince him to go back.

While planning out the steps for returning to Next Door, Edward tells them about the last 3 years and what has transpired.


My Thoughts:

This time around, the story was all about Edward. There was no Eleal or other secondary character. One storyline was about him in England, the other about him in Next Door.

This was a good solid read. Duncan knows how to spin a tale that is engaging but without a lot of wind and bluster. Nor do you get your heart rate up by screaming at the idiotic characters. Can’t stand that when an author does that and thankfully Duncan stays away from it.

The ideas of Free Will & Pre-Destination are mentioned, but they aren’t really explored. Edward, his father and others, have all tried to break the Filoby Testament and have only made it happen and in the end of the book Edward seems to have basically given up and just accepted that what it says will happen.

The whole FreeWill/Pre-Destination debate has been going on for Millenia, so I didn’t expect Duncan to solve it, but I guess I was expecting a little more philosophizing about it.

Finally, and most importantly. absolutely nothing Nacreous ever showed up. I was pleased.

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