Into the Black (Odyssey One #1)

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Mankind has built their first faster than light starship. For its initial voyage, a select group of all the special force branches from various nations are on board, along with various groups of scientists. Almost a galactic joyride you might say.

Of course, they land in the middle of a new war between a civilization that has been at peace for 8 Millennia and some shadowy mystery badguys. The Terrans kick butt and gain some allies and they find that they are BEHIND enemy space lines.

To Be Continued.


My Thoughts:

I’ve read some of Currie’s work before, the Hayden War Cycle, and while I enjoyed it, I wasn’t really impressed. This book I was impressed.

There was a great mix of space fighting, ground troop fighting [which I love! Give me marines and guns any day!] and a lot of setup for the future.

In a lot of ways it reminded me of John Ringo’s Through the Looking Glass and Alan Dean Foster’s The Damned trilogy. Lots of military action, Terrans being totally bad ass as natural warriors and some really good/scary alien baddies.

There were definitely some very cliched and roll your eyes moments, mainly when Currie tried to give his guy characters some emotional depth. These guys are all either super fighter jocks or ultra-marines.  Currie should have left well enough alone.  But if he had then I’d be complaining about lack of character depth, so I guess he just can’t win *grin*

Definitely going to be reading more in this series.


Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Author: Evan Currie

Into the Black

Odyssey One #1

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