Monster Hunter Nemesis (MHI #5) (ARC)

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Agent Franks is center stage in a Special Task Force Unicorn vendetta. Franks is on the run while he must clear his name, destroy a whole set of bodies based upon him AND prevent an invasion of the original fallen angels.


My Thoughts:

Just like in Alpha, this book follows a particular person in the MHI universe. Agent Franks, the mysterious, deadly bulldog of the Monster Control Bureau.

First off, the violence level is just as high as in Alpha. In fact,  the book starts off with Franks using guns, crowbars and fists to destroy a cult that is trying to raise an Elder god.

Then things really get started. Apparently, Franks has a deal with the United States, but it works both ways. One of those conditions is that no recreating of Franks is allowed. But the STFU [yeah, I love how Correia worked that] is being as evil’y as ever and the leader, Stricken, has broken that agreement and made multiple flesh golems with all the modern tech at his disposal.

So Stricken must get rid of Franks and Franks must get rid of Stricken and the copies.

However, unbeknownst to humanity, but very well known to Franks, is the fact that the bodies are taken by fallen angels, not new human souls. And here Correia gives his readers a crash course in semi-mormon theology and mixes it with Cthulthuic lore.

Pretty interesting and it makes internal sense for the overall series.

Franks must stop the invasion of a literal Hell on Earth. It is great. Huge battles involving everything from 50cal guns to fisti-cuffs. It is a pulse pounding, hard core, thrill-a-minute, roller coaster adventure.

I just tore through this book and loved every second of it. It was good enough to make me seriously consider buying the whole series in hardcover. I did drop a half star because of the profanity. It wasn’t completely gratuitous, but it was way more than necessary.


Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Author: Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Nemesis

MHI #5

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