Forbidden City (Rogue Angel #5)

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Annja, in the process of helping out a Chinese man find his long dead relative, stumbles onto a secret that both Garin and Leroux want. And there is a whole gang of Chinese triads under the direction of a ruthless business man involved as well.

A lost city in the desert, traps and lots of action.


My Thoughts:

This was a lot of fun.  Annja gets almost killed in California while looking for a corpse and that ends up with her teaming backup with her ersatz mentor Leroux and going against Garin, Leroux’s former pupil.

And there is a sub-plot about some girl assassin, but besides literally providing a piece of a puzzle, she wasn’t an integral part of the story.

But we get a booby-trapped city under the desert! That is what made me bump this up half a star. Swords, darts, spears, falling floors, a locked room with a descending ceiling, it was ALL good.

The magical item this time was some doodad that Leroux thought was terrible, so he and Garin join up to destroy it.

Overall, a good fun read. No complaints from me this time 🙂


Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Author: Alex Archer

Forbidden City

Rogue Angel #5

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