Sea of Time (Kencyrath #7) (ARC)

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Kothifir the Great, ruled by an obscenely obese god-king, peopled with colorful, dueling guilds, guarded by the Southern Host of the Kencyrath. Here Jame arrives, only to find that the turbulent city claims more of her attention than she thought possible.

Traveling through Time, dealing with the four Elemental gods, dealing with her own God and his priests, Jame just deal with internal and external threats and pressures.


My Thoughts

I was enjoying this up until the 45% mark. Then everything that I didn’t like about the previous books reared it’s ugly head until the 90% mark.

Jame, and her brother Tori, both act stupid. They won’t take action, they hesitate, they allow threats against themselves to go completely unanswered, they practically invite people to harm them.

At one point Jame is thrown down a hole to an Under-City by the high City’s Intelligence group. They try to kill her. And she does NOTHING about it. It doesn’t enter into her equation at all.

A lot of “blind eye” turning goes on; by Jame, by Tori, by the Kothifirites, by the Kencyrath. Enough by so many people that I couldn’t enjoy my read a whole lot.

Plot-wise this book doesn’t advance the overall plot very much. The theological questions about the Three Who Are One still remain, the Kencyrath are as divided, stupid and self-centred as in any book before and the Lords of the Kencyrath, ie Jame and Tori, still aren’t leading.

I am DONE with this series. If I could get stand alone novels maybe I could keep going. But Hodgell is making this a series, albeit a pointless and never-ending series, ala GRR Martin’esque style.


Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Author: P.C. Hodgell

Sea of Time

Kencyrath #7

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