Hoka (Hoka #1)


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The Human Federation has The Human Burden of guiding the less fortunate species of the universe towards a more enlightened existence.

So when they discover a world of hyper intelligent small bearlike creatures [think intelligent Ewoks], a young plenipotentiary is sent to bring them into the warm brotherhood of the Federation.


My Thoughts

This was JUST what I needed to read. It was so funny and obviously tongue-in-cheek that I was chortling the whole way through. My wife finally gave up asking me what was so funny.

Basically, the Hokas take whatever stories from Earth culture and live it out. It makes for some hilarious situations. Wild West, Space Patrols, Pirates, Sherlock Holmes, Casey at the Bat, etc. Oh, it was so funny.

Alexander, the poor pleni, has his hands full dealing with situations that keep threatening to run out of control. And if even one situation gets away from him, Alexander will be sent back to the base level of the Corp, lose his livelihood and force his wife and kiddies into Grade A poverty.

Anderson and Dickson do a fantastic job of writing over the top,  keeping me amused and telling a ripping good yarn. I am really looking forward to the next book; I just hope it will be as funny.


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Poul Anderson & Gordon Dickson


Hoka #1

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