The Shadow Lamp (Bright Empires #4)



The Shadow Lamp

Bright Empires #4

Author: Stephen Lawhead

3 of 5 Stars


Stephen Lawhead has been my hero since I read his Arthur trilogy when I was a young teen. He did what I thought was impossible: he meshed fantasy with Christian theology, seamlessly and realistically. He didn’t create a new world that broke the rules of ours, but meshed a fantasy one to ours that adhered to rules of our world and a supernatural one.

But this book Lawhead makes it quite clear that he is a theistic evolutionist and leaning much more towards the deistic side of things.  In most books, I can, and do, ignore the underlying theology of the author. But for Lawhead I can’t do that, for my Hero’s have no failings.

And unfortunately, that says as much about me as it does about Mr. Lawhead.

So on to this book. Sadly, it was pretty much on par with the previous 3. It just kind of plodded.  That is really the best I can say for this series. It doesn’t disappoint, it just stolidly moves on. Kind of like a big dumb cow.

There is one more book to go, coming out in Fall/Winter ’14, but after that, I think I might be done with Lawhead. A Hero fallen is one of the worst things ever. 😦

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