Bound in Blood (Kencyrath #5)


Bound in Blood (Seeker) - P.C. HodgellBound in Blood

Kencyrath #5

Author: P.C. Hodgell

4 of 5 Stars


I have FINALLY gotten used to how Hodgell jumps around. I think I’ve gotten the hang of how they think, so the abrupt shifts are no longer catching me by surprise. Which makes for a much nicer read.
The main thing that continues to bother me is how both Jame and her twin refuse to own up to their responsibilities, as high lady/lord AND as Shanir.

But I enjoyed the adventure and the continued revealing of the past. I see that I only have one more book in the series to go and a friend told me that Book 6 is NOT the end. I suspect this will be an unfinished series.

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