Goblin War

Goblin WarGoblin War

Jig the Goblin #3

Jim C. Hines

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


While I enjoyed this book overall, I found my enjoyment to be less than what I had from Goblin Hero, which in turn wasn’t as good as the first book, Goblin Quest.

And I didn’t care for Libriomancer either.

Jig has been a good read as a trilogy, but I think I’m done with Hines. Goblin War wrapped up the storyline, but it seemed to focus as much on Shadowstar and another goddess as much as it did on the goblins. Old hasbeen gods can be a good trope, but it has to be done right and Hines didn’t work the magic for me.

Jig and the side characters. Jig is almost exactly the same as he was when we met him. Which considering he’s a goblin, isn’t surprising. But that as well as the “new set” of side characters for each book indicates to me that Hines can’t flesh out and grow his characters. He should stick to stand alone books so that weakness doesn’t show through.

I DO recommend this Jig trilogy, as it is funny, completely off beat, whacky and a nice change in the fantasy genre.

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