The Hunters

The HuntersThe Hunters

Brotherband Chronicles #3

John Flanagan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


A good close to the series. The expected fight with Mista Z is predictable but still just as fun and satisfying as if the outcome was truly in doubt.

The Herons return as heroes and the grumpy boy from the first book is set up to the future villain if there are any more books. Miss Tan and Lithe is placed front and center as the romance girl who must eventually choose between Hal and Stig. I would hope that Hal would learn the lessons of his father and mother and marry a Skandian instead.

However, I think this trilogy is as far as this series should go. The characters simply have not been given the “oomph” to go 10 books like in Ranger’s Apprentice. I’d definitely like to see more from Mr. Flanagan, but maybe some more trilogies about other regions/peoples. Give me some more Nihon-ja. Whooooo young ninjas!!

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