Galactic Odyssey

Galactic Odyssey

Keith Laumer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Absolutely love this book. Not a great tome, not some epic quest. Just a rousing adventure story of a man saving the woman he loves.

I had forgotten just how short this was. But that allows Laumer to give us the quick details and then move on. He allows us, the reader, to fill in the gaps. Instead of being a blowhard, Laumer trusts his audience enough that he doesn’t have to write out every single detail of the entire adventure.

And that kind of attitude and writing, they are refreshing every once in a while. Clear the synapses, let the old noggin’ rest from cogitating on the latest foundation stone by  Brandon Sanderson or Steven Erikson or some such. It is quick, neat and precise writing.

Definitely a good once a decade book!


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