Across Five Aprils

Across Five AprilsAcross Five Aprils

Irene Hunt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Absolutely blew me away.
The American Civil War from the eyes of a boy who experiences it from his family’s farm. Brothers go to either side, etc, etc.

Hunt did a fantastic job of showing a young boy growing into manhood while experiencing one of our countries worst times. It was sad, it was inspiring, it was fantastic.

I know I read this back in either elementary or middleschool, but I am glad I read it as an adult. So many things, on an emotional level, that I never would have picked up on earlier in life. The pain of a family torn apart. The joy of hero worship. The awkwardness of a child becoming an adult and disagreeing with the parents. The realization that peace is not a simple process. That mankind has both heroes and venal minded villains.

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