Lord of the Isles

lordoftheisles (Custom)

Lord of the Isles

Lord of the Isles #1

David Drake

4 of 5 Stars


I read this when it first came out in ’97 and then once again sometime in ’99, before I was keeping track of what I was reading. So this is at least my 3rd read.

First off, you have to accept this book for what it is:
A cast of characters who are larger than life, impossible to kill or defeat, who simply cannot fail and who have between them about the personality of half a person.
Situations of epic proportions that simply get bigger and bigger, spiraling out of control until beaten into submission by the characters.

If you cannot accept the above, then you will hate this book, and hence the whole series.

This book was typified by violence, blood magic with horrific results, awesome supernaturalness and some really kick ass fighting.

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