Halfblood Chronicles #3

Andre Norton & Mercedes Lacky

3 of 5 Stars


Read January 2003

Re-Read October 2012

2012 Review
A very good wrap up to the Elvenbane series. Not that is meant to be the final book, since Lackey and Norton left tons of strings dangling for potential sequels, but as this was published in 2002 and Norton is dead and Lackey doesn’t talk about it, it is ok to say this is the final book.

And it works. Mysteries of the Elves are explored and laid to rest, many of the antagonists meet their end in deliciously just ways and protagonists find hope and love. Enough is resolved to leave you feeling ok. And I don’t want any more to be honest. I think any more would just muck things up. Leave the rest to my imagination…

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