Predator: Cold War

Predator: Cold War by Nathan Archer
Ebook, 190 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Half the book seemed to be taken up with memories of the previous book, or the movie Predator II. I don’t know which, as I haven’t read Concrete Jungle nor seen PredII. Either way, it felt like Archer was just padding the wordcount.

Very little action between humans and predators. I think there was more fighting between humans. The predators were almost ancillary to the story, and since it is their name emblazoned across the cover, they should have played a bigger part.

This wasn’t poorly written, just dashed together with little thought. Kind of like how an expert house painter might rush things for his poor relative-not a bad job, but not a real good job either. Just “meh”.

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