Monster Hunter International (MHI #1)

Monster Hunter International

Monster Hunter International #1

Larry Correia

3 Stars


Urban fantasy with Cthulthuic overtones and gun porn.The action is incredible. The first chapter had me from the get-go. Hand to claw fighting? In a skyscraper office? Bring it on!

Then we get introduced to a 100+ year old organization dedicated to bringing home the monster bacon. However, they don’t really seem to have learned much, as most of their tactics are along the “grab them by the balls and pull, HARD” variety instead of strategic plans meant to out think their opponents.

The characterization was 2D, and because of that, so was the little romance side story.

The writing was amateurish, without polish. But I did not have to re-read sentences several times to try to figure out what the author was saying.

Gun porn. In spades. I almost went catatonic with boredom several times. But if you like knowing the spec’s of guns, you will love this. And Christmas even comes TWICE for the main character.

Baddies. Mainly seem to deal with variety’s of undead, which seem to be all in the Vampirric family, from the zombie who wants to eat brains, to the master vamps, who can practically be incinerated and still regenerate. The main baddie has the Cthulthu tentacle thing going on, and you found out more about a different dimension, and Ancient Evil Ones.

” A cthulthu by any other name….”


So I enjoyed this, but I doubt I will ever re-read it. I will read the final 2 books in the trilogy, as I want to know about the In-laws and Lycanthropes.

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