Percepliquis (Riyria Revelations #6)


Riyria Revelations #6

Michael Sullivan

5 Stars


Everything wraps up nicely. A dramatic buildup AND a happy ending.

And none of this “I’m happy, so somebody somewhere must be getting a knife in the back to compensate” angst.

Percepliquis was exciting. It was tense. And while critics and others might have analyzed things and realized things before I did, I had a great trip of discovery.

Man, I am SO glad the SFBC carries these in hardcover. They are a story worth being in hardcover!

And I would like to thank Liviu for introducing me to this series with his review of the first book, the Crown Conspiracy.

So, Michael Sullivan, Thanks! It has been a great ride and I hope to be privileged enough to read more stories by you in the future.

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