Dune Chronicles #1
by Frank Herbert
Dtb, 535 Pages
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This was my first time that I have read Dune in short chunks. I usually read the whole book over a weekend and gorge myself on it.

I had a completely deeper reading by going slow. I don’t think I’ll ever read this way again, because it wasn’t nearly as an enjoyable action story as when read in one chunk.

Herbert tones down his usually dense cryptic philosophical psycho-babble and gives us a story that almost anyone can enjoy.

Freewill, prophecy, love, genetics, time/space, guiding forces, pre-destination, all collide together on a single planet to tell a story about a young man who must face his destiny while averting a horrible future all the while being manipulated by forces outside his immediate control[at the beginning of the book].

There are books that I might enjoy more than Dune, but I have yet to find one that holds up to so many rereads or to find a book that still resonates with me even as I change because of life experiences. This would be a book I would choose to take with me to a deserted island.

4 thoughts on “Dune

    1. I’ve loved almost all things Dune. The Scifi channel did a miniseries awhile ago and I liked that too.

      I hear there is a new movie version coming out “soon”, and I have to admit I’m pretty excited for it.

      As for re-reads, every 5-10 years will work for me now ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I have not seen the sci-fi channel version, but I thought the Lynch film was unfairly panned. It had a wonderful cast and production quality. The complaints at the time were that it was rushed. That is probably the reason the sci-fi channel sprung for a mini-series.

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