Iron Druid Chronicles #3
by Kevin Hearne
Ebook, 273 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


This will be the final book I read in this series; it just pushed the irreligious button too hard for me to ignore anymore.

Anyway, w1z3 0l dru1d g3ts tog3th3r with palz and goez aftuh Th0000r!

and they kill Thor and a whole ton of the viking pantheon.

this struck me as odd. If they could do this, why hadn’t other groups assembled and there been war “in the heavens”, as it were? And using Thor as an example of a “killer” god who ruined countless lives? What about some of those hindu gods? It just seemed capricious on the part of the author to pick Thor, like he wanted to use the title and wrote a story around that.

Anyway, done with this series. No more interest even when other books do come out.

4 thoughts on “Hammered

  1. I’ve read up (in audio) to 4.5 (a novella), and it was getting even worse… total disrespect towards my favourite mythical heroes, and not as funny as author thought…

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