Destroyermen #2
by Taylor Anderson
Ebook, 400 Pages
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I was blown away.

This is a non-stop, seat of your pants, drag me along action sequence. It was exactly what I needed to de-stress today.

I was dragged along the emotional ups and downs right along with Cap’n Matt. Don’t know why things resonated so, but I felt a real connection with his battle with despair against impossible odds.

As for the bestiality hinted at in the previous books, it is expounded on slightly in this book. I realized though, that it wasn’t really talking about bestiality, because these are sentient creatures, and it IS sailors we are reading about. We’ll have to wait and see how cross-species interaction works out. Definitely not over the top or lewd. It is just taking into account how deprived sailors, with no women, would react to females of another sentient species.

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