Mech: The Savant

Mech: The Savant
Imperium #2
by B.V. Larson
Ebook, 252 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Where Mech 1 was so distracting because of its plagairism of Vang: The Military Form, this book showed the weakness of the author. Weakness of ideas and execution.

The Mechs referred to in the title are side characters, barely there and almost sideshows. The main characters are ok, but how they are handled was not at all polished. One moment they are acting one way and then 2 chapters later they are acting in such a way that would be impossible for them if how they had been 2 chapters earlier was true. Almost like the author just made his characters be what he needed at that moment without either thinking it through or caring about continuity.

Then the side characters. A cowardly gypsy [Vlax Romani? come on], a psycho mech and the stupid Tulk Phryxx. And a bimbo and her new lover. It was a kaleidoscope of ridiculousness. I would call it a farce, but it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

Then the plot. A ship that propels itself by lighting off nukes under? The invasion was almost pretty good, but it just lacked that oomph, that something to make you feel threatened.

In finish. I will not be reading any more by this author and do not recommend that you start. Like I said in my review of Mech, go read Vang: The Military Form for some really cool bio-aliens invading.

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