Tiffany Aching #1
Terry Pratchett
epub-289 pages
5 Stars

Taking place in Discworld, but not necessarily in the Discworld series. A young girl by the name of Tiffany Aching has to defend her land against the queen of the faerie world. Mainly because Tiffany’s grandmother is dead and so she can’t do it. Tiffany is a witch in the making. Granny Weatherwax comes in at the end. It is called “Wee Free Men” because Tiffany gets help by the Nac Mac Feegles. Little blue pict’sies. Drunk, rowdy, almost indestructable but fun and lovable none the less. This was classic Pratchett WITH excellent writing, tight plot and everything was funny, not stupid. Best Pratchett ever!

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