The Fires of Heaven

Wheel of Time #5
Robert Jordan
Epub-877 pages
4 Stars

Intensity ratchets up and we get the famous “Who Killed Asmodean?” scene. A wicked cool battle between Rand and Rhavin, involving bale fire and portals. Matt starts using/acknowledging his martial memories. Moiraine and Lanfear disappear through a Sangreal/Terangreal and seem to die. Rand is starting to fight the madness, which seems to be a mixing of wills with Lews Therin, the former Dragon.

The badstuff-every female seems to be so angry. I mean counseling angry. Jordan really let the ball drop in the characterization department with this. It is a real turn off.

Alternate Blog Review?

Loved all the stuff that happens.

Asmodean, Moraine, Lanfear all dying

I mean, that introduces a lot of chaos and opens up the main characters to greater ranges of choice. And Rand dealing with the beginnings of the madness.

The battle between Rand and Rahvin[however you spell his name], was awesome! Balefire and portals, not much cooler than that.

The bad thing was that every single female character seemed to be angry, so angry that I would recommend counseling if they were a real person. Jordan really dropped the ball in characterization here. It really detracts from the plot and pulls you out of the flow of the story. Which is never good.

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