The Shadow Rising

Wheel of Time #4
Robert Jordan
Epub-907 pages
5 Stars

Fantastic! Some really cool storylines. Forsaken are starting to be real characters instead of just non-entity bogeyman. Rand is starting to explore his powers on a very large scale. Perrin is back in Two Rivers, becoming the Lord he is destined to be. Matt is still Matt, running from responsibility while searching money, girls and drink. The women are becoming the arrogant characters that they hated in Morraine however.

Amazing! Great storylines unfolding, plot points being revealed, prophecy unfolding. All so cool.

Unfortunately, this book is where I really started to notice and be bothered by the sexism, of both genders. Women are arrogant bitches, men are idiotic woolheads.

But even with that, this book is the best, so far, of the Wheel of Time books.

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