The Stone of Farewell

Memory, Sorrow and Thorn #2
Tad Williams
Epub-727 pages
4 Stars

A lot happens. Now that is an understatement. The history of the 3 Swords is starting to be revealed as well as why Ineluki is doing what he is. Simon gets stranded with the elder race in their bastion of peace, until Ineluki attacks them as well. Princess Miriamelle is gadding about and not helping. Josua and company make to the Stone of Farewell and begin figuring out what they can do. This is epic, and not just in size. I blew through it and really wanted to read the next book right away, but I think I’ll enjoy the final book more with some space between.

This series continues to hold up very well as a re-read. You can see Simon being shaped into the man he needs to be.

Williams does a good job with the pacing of his character/plot lines. You get enough from each character and then move on to another. No whiplash or yawns.

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