The Dragon Reborn

The Wheel of Time #3
Robert Jordan
Epub-595 pages
4 Stars

Matt gets caught up with the girls. Perrin is back with Moirane. Rand is on his own, trying not to kill anyone with his new burgeoning powers. Everyone ends up at Tear, where Rand takes Callendor, a sword of the one power, and fulfills a part of the dragon reborn prophecy. More people are being introduced and things are starting to get complicated. Each of the main characters, the 3 male and the 3 female are starting to form their own subgroups. Really wanted to break my one a month rule and read the next one, but I’m holding it off.

Things really start to take off. Rand becomes the Dragon Reborn for real.

The main reason I didn’t give this a 5 star is because it is at this book that Jordan starts separating the characters and forming subgroups around them. Cliques of characters are starting to form and it makes things confusing. Not very much of that happened here, but this is where it starts.

That and the fact that I want to go all Black Ajah on the girls for being so incredibly arrogant and dumb.

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