The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt

Wheel of Time #2

Robert Jordan

5 Stars

Epub 618 Pages



the women go to Tar Valon to become Aes Sedai and the men go after the Horn and the dagger, otherwise Mat is going to die. The Black Ajah is revealed as a real thing, Artur Hawkwing’s armies come back. Rand starts channeling for real and is pretty much recognized as the Dragon Reborn by a small group of men. He has an epic battle with Ba’alzamon and defeats him, but at the cost of taking an unhealable wound.

This was fantastic. Even better, imo, than the previous book. Lots of epic’ness and glimpses into a world that is older, more mysterious and intriguing, than we can truly imagine. I am simply enjoying this without thinking of the future books, cause that would spoil things. These beginning books are the reason this series is so fantastic. It has a solid foundation.

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