New Spring

New Spring
Wheel of Time Prequel
Robert Jordan
3 Stars
Epub, 317 Pages

the prequel to the WoT series. Having read it before, and up to book 9 or 10 of Wot, I could read it first. For a first timer, it should definitely not be read until at least after book 8 simply because I’m sure it reveals things quickly that are teased out in the series. And it is a nice light read without most of Jordan’s literary “quirks” that drive us batty. A good start to a long series.

A prequel, with lots of info given away that we the readers have had thrown to us sliver by sliver throughout the series.

If you are starting the Wheel of Time series, don’t read this until after Path of Daggers. As a reread however, this is a great start to the series. It doesn’t have most of Jordan’s literary “quirks” that drove me batty and it is short [compared to his other novels]. Good stuff

Addendum 2011:
When I first read it back in ’04, I was under the impression that this was the first of a trilogy of prequels. Yet another disappointment for the Wheel of Time fans to bear…

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