Star Wars: Clone Wars: Gambit #2
Karen Miller
1 Star
Epub, DNF

ugh. What can I say? The 2 Gambit books should have been 1 and heavily edited. I just got so bored with Siege that I gave up. More Anakin whining, more stolid Kenobi, lots of nothing happening. Nothing important, exciting, or in any way interesting to the audience, happens. Anakin continues whining, complaining, etc, etc, Kenobi keeps on being stolid and refusing to see Anakain’s weakness’s, Sidious gloats and Yoda scratches his head in confusion. Yeah.

This, along with Stealth, should have been 1 book, at about half of the length of 1 of these boring doorstops.

I got over halfway through and then just couldn’t stomach anymore. If you liked Stealth, you’ll like Siege. If you didn’t like Stealth, don’t waste your time, cause you won’t care about the ending after wading through such drek.

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