The Skinner (Polity: Spatterjay #1)

The Skinner

Polity: Spatterjay #1

Neal Asher

4 Stars


Fantastic! I liked this book as much as any of the “Agent Cormac” books by Asher. Action and ideas intertwining and giving the reader the best of both worlds. I found the additional info about the Prador fascinating.

a new storyline dealing with a world called Spatterjay. It has a virus that infects humans and makes them strong, regenerative and nearly immortal. But if they don’t eat Polity foods [ie, human food], they turn into a skinner. A skinner is a creature that kills and destroys. This book was about a polity agent looking for retribution on a gang of Hoopers [what turned humans are called] that participated in the Prador war, on the Prador’s side. Follows the agent, some Hoopers, a Prador and some AI’s as they all come together on Spatterjay and deal with a skinner. I enjoyed this as much, if not more, than the Agent Cormac books.

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