The High Tech Knight

The High Tech Knight
Conrad Stargard #2
Leo Frankowski
2 Stars
DTB, 247 Pages

Conrad kills a bunch of knights who had a group of children slaves. This gets him in hot water and he has to fight a duel with a champion, the very knight he had a run in with when he got to Old Poland back in the first book. Frankowski is an idiot. Conrad still has the right to bed women, but Frankowski portrays it as ok with Conrad’s lover, because “Fair’s fair”. Just continues to show his sexism and engineering genes. And yet it is still a fun read once your eyes stop rolling.

I think all the ideas and thoughts of this series can be described by the following: [paraphrase]
“2 virgins a night? That was just asking too much from a man. Maybe one a week”

Frankowski is a sexist engineer who probably has never gotten laid, hence the focus on nubile young women who throw themselves at the main character and the pages upon pages of detail about the wonderful inventions Conrad has created in Old World Poland.

That being said, once you’re done rolling your eyes, skipping pages of boring mechanical detail and generally wondering what the author was thinking, this is a passable book. Enough to pass the time at lunchtime for a week or so. Not worth a reread and I’m not even sure I’ll be reading anymore. but don’t hold me to that…

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